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Progress Update: Pegasus Life Care Village Tetbury

JJ Interiors have been completing the carpentry, drylining and joinery packages at Pegasus Life Care Village in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

View of the sun dial in block 8 from block 4, all completed by JJ Interiors.

All wood used in the project have a very natural, untouched feel to it to fit with the aesthetic of the Cotswold's countryside.

Douglas fir cladding in block 4 completed by JJ Interiors carpenters.

Corridors and and walkways approaching completion, all carried out by JJ Interiors.

The village includes 113 apartments spread across 9 buildings, all connected by garden walkways.

Chef's trolley manufactured by our in-house Joiners.

Works are expected to be complete in summer 2018.

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